January is Tax Abatement Month

Jan 14, 2020

It’s that time of year to apply to your local tax assessors’ office for your tax abatement. Each town / city may have different deadlines depending on when the real estate tax bill is issued.  Document requirements may vary as well. Contact your local office for the details.

An abatement is a reduction in property tax granted by the assessors or, on appeal, by the ATB.  Generally, abatements are granted when taxpayers are able to prove that the fair market value of their property is less than its assessed value.  Taxpayers may also receive abatements if their property is entitled to an exemption or is improperly classified.  Taxpayers may apply for abatement of real estate tax once the actual real estate tax bill is issued.  Generally, in communities that bill quarterly, the third-quarter bill is the actual tax bill.


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