Nemasket Kayak Center

Personalized service - for each and every customer of is our MISSION.


ROY EDWARDS Owner / President, works to build Nemasket Kayak Center into the most respected Outdoor Water Sports Adventure Company in S.E. Massachusetts by incorporating FUN, Leadership, Innovation and the strength of our well-known national Brands along with the individual creative people, using their strong attributes and diversity in our Crew.


We strive to fulfill an enriching outdoor experience for all our customers, while being a superior company in both business and training classes.


Our Crew embodies honesty, integrity and expression of easy to

understand core values.


We are passionate about all forms of Paddling Water Sports as a way to

bring Nature to everyone at reasonable fees. We will strive

to achieve this goal every day.


We relentlessly look for new creative ideas and fun technology to

enhance our customers experiences, and to provide you with the Best in Paddling Adventures in S.E. MA.


We are committed to being a Leader in Social Responsibility through

building relationships with local and regional Charitable Organizations

and Educational Institutions in S.E. Massachusetts, and the world.


Personal Attention to the Skill Level & Needs

of Every customer

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