Mysterious smell in Onset deemed ‘no danger to public health’

Oct 21, 2021

At nearly 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 19, the Onset Fire Department responded to a call that alerted them to an “unrecognizable odor” at 15 Sand Pond Rd., Well #7.

The well, which is part of the Onset Water District’s distribution system, is near a site where 2,300 gallons of sodium hydroxide are stored.

“With the concern of a possible leak or failure of the distribution system, a Tier 1 Hazmat was requested from the state,” according to an Onset Fire Department press release

The department said that members of the state hazmat team investigated the scene, but neither the Onset Fire Department nor the State of Massachusetts Hazardous Materials team were able to locate the source of the odor.

“With the use of special meters and equipment, the determination was made that there is no danger to public health or the water provided by the Onset Water District,” the press release said.