Wareham, Carver explore curbside trash pick-up

Jul 22, 2020

The Town of Wareham is moving forward toward finding a solution for waste disposal, and has issued a request for proposals for curbside trash and recycling pick-up for both Wareham and Carver.
Selectman Jim Munise reported at Tuesday night’s meeting that the town is also looking into potentially operating a transfer station, either on its own or with Carver.

The town’s recycling center, currently closed due to the pandemic, is working on a reopening plan.

The town needs to find a new solution for waste management as the current contract with Marion, Carver, and Covanta-SEMASS is set to expire at the end of this year.

The current waste district was formed by the three towns in the 1970s through a contract with the waste-burning company. The contract allowed the three towns to get rid of waste at the SEMASS plant for free in exchange for giving the plant free access to the landfill in Carver. The landfill will soon be full and that contract is set to expire.

The committee governing the district voted earlier this year to close both the Rte. 28 and Benson Brook transfer stations at the end of 2020, although the possibility of keeping one or both stations open while Wareham and Carver finalize their plans has also been considered. 

Marion already has curbside trash pick-up town-wide and owns the property at the Benson Brook Transfer Station.

Wareham and Carver’s situation is more difficult as neither town has its own transfer station or curbside pick-up program.

Wareham officials have floated several solutions in the past: curbside pick-up, purchasing and operating the Rte. 28 transfer station, or running that station in a partnership with Carver.