Please read note by Alex Roussell, one of our fabulous employees

Mar 10, 2012

I'm a college student who waits tables at Narrows Crossing. I would like to acknowledge the couple that took part in a random act of kindness this weekend. I was waiting on a woman who was concerned about her finances. After she had decided what was cost efficient I left the table to put her order in. However, before I sent the order the couple sitting at the table next to this woman approached me. The man handed me his credit card and said to put her meal on his card. He said whatever she wants even include dessert if she wants it. I was so shocked. I then asked the man if he knew her and he said no. After I swiped the card the couple left. They didn't go over to the table to be praised or thanked they just left. I went over to the woman's table and explained the couple had paid for her meal. She was ecstatic and proceeded to say how her day just got a whole lot better and she was so thankful. This event made my day and I'm hoping it will speak to the rest of you. This couple didn't need to do what they did they did it because they wanted to which is very rare in today's society. We should all take a lesson from them.