Feng Shui Workshop @ the MAC

Apr 15, 2019

Story Location:
80 Pleasant Street
Marion  Massachusetts  02738
United States

Ever wonder why some areas of your home just don’t feel right? A room you don’t use or an uneasy entrance? Feng Shui can help improve the flow of energy in those problem areas and much more. Join Cid Tamagno, Feng Shui specialist and artist, for this fun and creative workshop during ArtWeek at the Marion Art Center.  You’ll learn to attract prosperity, love, and abundance by incorporating adjustments and cures for the home used by the Chinese for thousands of years. We’ll explore the basics of the Bagua and the Eight Life Stations, and you’ll make your own Bagua Map. 

Friday, April 26, 7-9PM, $15 per person.  Register at http://www.marionartcenter.org/artweek/