Friday, 5/22 at the Virtual MAC

May 22, 2020

Today at #theVirtualMAC, we're sharing two very different works sent in to our #LivingUncertainty exhibit, "Tres Agaves" by Anne Donnellon and "Stephenson's Revenge" by John Magnan.

From Anne: "My first watercolor... It is inspired by the oil paintings of cacti by Mexican artist Azuela. It represents my love of Mexico, missed time there this year, and my concerned uncertainties about the health of Mexican friends."

From John: "Inspired by the recent retirement of AT&T CEO Randal Stephenson and his $64,000,000 golden parachute. Stephenson is a firm believer in trickle-down economics while cutting social programs. Because, ya know, if you make some people really, really rich, they’ll spend all their money on the little people."

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