Seahorse Behavioral

- Private group -
Nov 19, 2019

We are pleased to now offer the COPE program here at Seahorse Behavioral for ages 7-21+. Visit our website to book your appointment.

What is the COPE program?
"The COPE Programs are based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based skills-building approach that includes reducing negative thoughts, increasing healthy behaviors, and improving communications and problem-solving skills.
When a person learns to COPE in positive ways, the brain lays down new pathways, helping him or her grow new neuronal connections and deal with stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms in healthy ways.
By helping individuals change their thoughts from negative to positive, their feelings and behaviors naturally follow suit. Convincing children, teens and young adults that they can accomplish whatever it is that is important to them reinforces what their mind believes they can achieve. COPE helps them face their fears and take control of their emotions."