Dog fun and never-complete stories

Aug 3, 2010

The following column appeared in the Aug. 5 edition of Wareham Week.

Sometimes you just have to have some fun with the material.

A few weeks ago, the A.D. Makepeace Co. hosted a Family Fun Day at Tihonet Village to benefit the Onset Youth Center. Photographer Andrew Griffith chronicled the event and came back with pictures of smiling children, antique trucks, pony rides -- and what appeared to be a German shepherd mauling a man.

Obviously, things were not as they appeared to be. The German shepherd was Cago, a member of Wareham's K-9 force. Under close supervision and with the use of a trained "target man," Cago was demonstrating what he COULD do if the target man were in a real life a criminal fleeing the seen. The performance was VERY convincing.

After we got finished flipping through the sequence of photos and supplying our own in-office laugh track, Wareham Week Editor Cyrus Moulton and editor Jaime Rebhan decided to let the public in on our joke. I won't spoil it for you by saying more. Just go to and check out the "featured story" headlined "Now with video: Family Fun Day police dog demonstration."

Sometimes, the whole story can't get told in one story. And we have several examples in this week's paper: The controversy over sewer assessments in the Parkwood, Cromesett Park and Oakdale neighorhoods. Continuing debate on the proposed Westfield housing project. Walmart's plans to move from East Wareham to West Wareham.

Is there more that can and should and will be said about all of these stories? Yup!

And here's how you can help: If in reading any of these stories or anything else in Wareham Week or on, you feel there is an important element that is being overlooked, tell us. Moulton's and Rebhan's contact information can be found below. Need or want to know something more? Let them know!

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