Organic Wines and You!

Jan 6, 2011

  I've had many customers come to me with complaints that the wine they consumed had given them a headache or that they cannot drink either red or white because it will cause they same result.  More often than not the headaches are attributed to sulfites found in the wine and/or traces of pesticides used to treat the grapes.  To solve their headache "issue" I've recommended that they try an organic wine.

  Traditional wines are made with grapes that are sprayed with pesticides and added sulfites to preserve the wine, while organic wines do not use pesticides or have any sulfites added.  The key term here is sulfites added, this is very important because all wines contain natural sulfites.  If you find yourself discouraged because you've gotten headaches in the past after enjoying your favorite varietal, there's hope for you!  There are more and more organic vineyards popping up around the world.  For a vineyard to be certified organic here in the US it must pass strict USDA regulations.

 Now don't be scared, some people hear the word organic and have several misconceptions; whether it be bland in taste to high in cost. Both are not true, in fact some organic wines are more complex than traditional wines and they are fairly reasonable in cost.  They can range in price from $10.99 to $29.99 

 Here at The Jug Shop we carry 11 different organic wines, from the five most popular varietals all the way to an organic sparkling wine.  Five of the brands are from California, one hails from Chile and two more brands from Italy.  Whatever your needs maybe, I'm sure that we've got what your looking for.