Refuse district board approves money for audits

Apr 26, 2018

The Carver Marion Wareham Regional Refuse District approved up to $10,000 to do a financial audit.

After the district fired longtime management consultant Moss Hollow Management, owned by Marion Town Clerk Ray Pickles, board members discovered that no yearly audit had been completed since 2012.

The district is now working on trying to get those backfilled. However, a lack of documentation is making that difficult.

“We’ve searched for multiple auditors but because there’s so much unknown, nobody is able to give a price,” Carver Town Administrator Mike Malinoski said.

Marion Town Administrator Paul Dawson and Finance Director Judy Mooney both noted that with so much information missing, it might be impossible to do a standard consolidated audit.

“We could be forced to do a forensic audit,” Mooney said.

The board decided it would approve up to $10,000 for auditing services. If it seems the district can get something useful from that amount of money, members said they would use it. Otherwise, the three Town Administrators will come back before the committee to request more money for the forensic audit.

“We’re going to need to spend a few thousand dollars to get to that point anyway,” Malinoski said.

The district has copies of audits from 1979-2012, and will need to have audits done for 2013-2017.