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How to get tomorrow's news today

May 3, 2010

Want an easy way to get Wareham News between issues of Wareham Week? Sign up for daily Wareham headlines from It's free, it's easy, and we think you'll be pleased to see what shows up in your in-box.

Here's how to sign up:

Go to

Click on "Join" -- the little orange word in the gray bar in the upper right of the screen.

When the registration screen comes up, click on the "Click to join!"

Fill in the requested information. You only need to fill in the boxes with little orange asterisks. Other information is optional.

If you think you might ever use your registration to comment on stories on the site, pay attention to the "Show your full name" check box. Uncheck it if you only want comments to be attributed to your "username." And -- duh! -- when selecting your username, don't use a name that's obviously you.

Please be assured that we will not share your information with anyone else. Registering will not result in any e-mailed offers for male enhancement products, get-rich-quick schemes or even local products that you might want.

Click "Next."

Read the information on the screen. If it's not what you want, go back and fix. If it's OK, click "Next."

Read the "Terms of Service" and click "Register."

You can now do a lot of things as a member but, if you just want the daily headlines, click on "My Profile."

When the next screen comes up, click on the "Notifications" tab. 

Check "Daily Headlines Email" and then "Update."

Do the same for "Breaking News Email" if you want that, too. (Note: We only send these for really big news. Clicking this won't get you deluged with routine news.) 

Click on "Exit." Check your e-mail the next morning, and you'll find headlines from Wareham and Onset and links to the stories.


Having trouble with any of the above. Please give us a call at 508-322-7157.