Blue Cathedral For Your Viewing Pleasure

Jun 1, 2020

NBSO subscriber Ben Dunham came to us with the idea of setting James Alphege Brewer’s “Blue Hour” etchings to Jennifer Higdon's blue cathedral. Higdon, winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Music as well as a Grammy, intended for blue cathedral “to reflect on the amazing journeys that we all make in our lives, crossing paths with so many individuals singularly and collectively, learning and growing each step of the way.” The NBSO performed blue cathedral at our 2011-12 season finale. Click here to enjoy this version set to the mesmerizing images by Mr. Brewer!

blue cathedral by Jennifer Higdon, performed by the NBSO, David MacKenzie, Conductor (2012)
Audio recording by Pierre Paquin, Sound Dynamics Associates
Video created by Abigail Smith, NBSO Operations and Program Assistant
Thank you to Ben Dunham for providing the Brewer etchings.
More of Brewer's work can be seen at

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