Encompass Community at Friends Academy Announces Membership Program!

Jun 6, 2019

BIG NEWS! The Encompass Community at Friends Academy is excited to announce our new "Community Membership" program for 2019-2020!

You already know we are committed to bringing you the very BEST in Nature, Arts, Steam and Family programming. Beginning in September, if you can commit to being here for a time, then in return, your family will receive deep-discounts on ALL we have to offer! This includes hybrid classes that make the most of Friends Academy's staff and gorgeous 65 acres, as well as drop-off short courses and our new flexible, drop-in center (with pricing as low as $5-$10 per hour for most classes)!

Memberships for ages 3-5, 6-10 and 11-14 yr olds w/ sibling discounts!

(We will sell out in advance)

Curious??? WE ARE TOO!

** If you are curious about the Encompass Community Membership Program for 2019/20 and don't know where to start... START HERE...

We will be holding an informative parent meeting for new families on Wednesday, June 12th @ 11am at Friends Academy 1088 Tucker Rd, Dartmouth, Ma.

Please RSVP to:

This meeting will provide the opportunity for you to meet some of our staff, ask questions face to face and hear the experiences of current families! Have a chance to tour the 65 acre campus and get a feel for the programming we have planned for September 2019 to June 2020! There is absolutely no commitment required.

Yummy snacks will be provided...

Come learn about our Art, Steam, Nature and Family programs for homeschoolers and life-long learners of all ages...