Friday, 6/5 at the Virtual MAC!

Jun 5, 2020

Today at #theVirtualMAC we're sharing some beautiful images for our Living Uncertainty online exhibit, sent in by MAC artist member Kyle Riseley. Kyle sent in the following statement about her series:

Coming Out from Under Quarantine

After surviving nearly three months of intense scrutiny, my garden, my studio, and my kitchen have undergone changes that reflect the time I have spent working in them and staring at them under quarantine. Beginning in mid March, and continuing through April and May, I had the privilege of staying at home in a comfortable place to "shelter in place." I was fooling around with the camera on my iphone when I began taking pictures. The half eaten apple wedges, the mug of coffee, the container of disinfectant wipes, the afternoon light coming through the kitchen window, the collection of blue willow--it all started looking so interesting to me. Sheltering in place was not a sentence, it was an opportunity to pause and closely examine some of the things I had accumulated in a lifetime.

Soon I was photographing the blank canvas on my easel and the rattan couch where I’d settle for an afternoon power nap. And when the lilacs bloomed and the hostas stretched, I captured the unfolding. My micro worldview would be chronicled and saved so that I could look back on life in quarantine and remember the details.

So here are some of the details. Captured on an iphone and filtered and manipulated for the art of it all. It’s not Florence, but it sure is home to me.

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