Celebrating the dog days of summer at the YMCA

Sep 2, 2019

Dogs of all shapes and sizes got the chance to cool off by taking a dip at the Gleason Family YMCA’s outdoor pool on Sunday at its “Dog Day Afternoon” program.

Because the outdoor pool is closing for the season, and will be drained in the spring for maintenance, the Y decided to let it go to the dogs for one afternoon. One staffer noted that the threat of blue-green algae made the event especially important as it was a good opportunity for the dogs to safely cool off. 

Many of the dogs and their owners started the afternoon with a walk on the YMCA’s trails, which are open to everyone.

The owners and pets enjoyed the event, as the dogs played catch and ran around the perimeter of the pool.

“He’s having fun,” said Melissa Guimont of her dog Rufus, who is 12 years old and was adopted from Kentucky. Rufus seemed to especially enjoy splashing around in the shallow end. 

Alyssa Brenner’s dog Vinny swam for the first time.

“He loved it,” she said, as she dried him off with a towel.

The dogs were impressively cordial to each other and seemed to get along well. 

The Y won’t necessarily hold the event next summer, as they can only allow dogs in if the pool will be fully drained and cleaned.