Community, spirituality and healing at the Rose Room

Aug 14, 2023

In a “past life,” healers Britt Rose and Jennifer DuBerger knew one another, Rose said.

The two reunited at a women’s healing circle, where Rose led a group through a Cacao Ceremony she learned while in Guatemala.

DuBerger said at the time, she was planning a trip of her own to the country to help communities gain access to clean water.

She said along with this, “We connected over crystals and different healing modalities, and we just started hosting our own women's circles.”

Rose said, “We just joined forces after that. It was like I knew her forever.”

From there, Diane and Rose decided to open their own business.

DuBerger said the Rose Room, which opened in April, aims to provide these same spiritual exercises, meditations and healing rituals with the rest of the community.

The Rose Room, located at 219 Onset Ave, hosts a number of one-on-one services, including quantum healing, DNA activation, rose healing, higher self-alignment as well as oracle and tarot readings.

However, more recently, the business duo is looking to expand outreach by hosting more community events and group sessions.

“We realized we wanted to create a community and have people come together and be able to afford the services — even if they couldn't afford a one-on-one session,” DuBerger said.

Two to three sessions will be held weekly covering a variety of healing modalities, DuBerger said. Each group session has an admission fee of $20 to $25.

She added the Rose Room is also looking for teachers who can help introduce more rituals.

Sound Healer Rachel Nameika joined the team a few months ago when she came across the business and met Diane and Rose. 

The duo happened to be looking for a sound healer and asked her to join the team.

“The timing of all of that just came together and was perfect,” Nameika said. “It's like perfect synchronicity.”

Regarding the Rose Room, she said, “I really think it has something special.”

“These girls, Jenny and Britt, have this energy and this passion that they bring to this studio that I think other people can really benefit from,” she added. “They really share it with anybody who comes through those doors.”

Nameika said, “I feel that it's very healing.”

On Tuesday, Aug. 1, Rose and Diane along with Nameika, hosted an event on Wicket’s Island in honor of the Super Moon.

“We wanted it to be a night of community coming together,” DuBerger said.

She said Wicket’s Island is known to be a burial ground for members of the Wampanoag tribe, so along with a Cacao Ceremony, sound healing and chanting, the group did a Wampanoag prayer and sang songs about the Earth.

DuBerger added this event was special to her because she is a descendant of the tribe.

In closing, she said the group left an offering of roses for the land and ancestors. 

Approximately 40 people attended the event, she said, adding the Onset Bay Association helped everyone get to the island.

DuBerger said she is grateful for the opportunity to build this community and share that “special” night with Wareham.