Cosi closes in Wareham Crossing

Dec 30, 2019

Cosi, the cafe located in Wareham Crossing, has closed unexpectedly, and, seemingly, permanently.  
The cafe was a mainstay for coffee and flatbread-based sandwiches and pizza.
Cosi was one of the first tenants in Wareham Crossing and has been open since at least 2011.
According to reports on social media, the cafe was shut down abruptly on Saturday morning. Customers were told that they could finish their meals, but the restaurant would be closed, effective immediately.
On Sunday, the business was closed and locked during typical business hours. There was no sign to alert customers to the change.
Cosi did not respond to requests for comment.
‘It is one of several Cosi locations to abruptly close this week, as the struggling fast casual food chain contended with a wide range of financial issues in the late 2010s.
In 2016, after firing its CEO, the restaurant’s corporate owners filed for bankruptcy and closed dozens of stores in the wake of the announcement.
In 2017, the company re-emerged from bankruptcy led by a group of investment firms, but, closings continued sporadically.