Fire Department rescues dog that fell through ice

Feb 4, 2023

The Wareham Fire Department, aided by the Police Department and Department of Natural Resources, rescued a dog who fell through an icy pond on Barker Road around 7 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4.

With temperatures reaching as low as-3 degrees, rescuers quickly responded to the call. 

Assistant Fire Chief Mark Rogers saw Dakota the husky struggling in the water approximately 150 feet out from the shore. 

“We responded with our squad, our ice boat, survival suits and our rescue truck,” Rogers said.

Firefighter John Walcek estimated that the dog was in the water for 20 minutes before being rescued. 

According to Dakota’s owner Courtney Morgan, her son let the dogs out as usual before realizing that the front yard fence was broken. 

“He yelled that the fence broke and the dogs got out,” said Morgan. 

Dakota was brought to a rescue vehicle to warm up, and his owners took him to a veterinary clinic for further treatment. 

“They didn’t have to do any care for her, luckily,” Morgan said. “Because she is a husky her skin didn’t even get wet. All they had to do was bring her temperature up.”

After the rescue, Dakota is back to her normal, loving self. 

“She’s completely fine now,” said Morgan. “When we picked her up from the vet, they said that she was giving everyone kisses.”