Flying high: Annual Kite Festival

Aug 31, 2019

Clear skies and a hint of a breeze made for the perfect day for the 5th Annual Kite Festival by the Onset Bay Association.

Over 200 people came out to Onset beach on Saturday to fly kites of all shapes and sizes. 

“This festival is bringing all nationalities together to one place. People are having a good time, and all the riff raff is staying outside the beach,” said Rodney "Sandman" Johnson. “It’s a very family-oriented beach. And that's what makes it great."

Festival-goers could bring their own kites, buy one, or build and design their own for five dollars. Kite flyers and watchers alike said the festival is always fun for the whole family.

“My husband and I came here to have a beach day with our kids,” said Onset resident Amanda Jones. “I love these types of things where children and parents can participate together in something fun.”

Wareham resident Scott Lash said one of his favorite things about being at the kite festival is the event’s mellow atmosphere. 

“Most festivals have a lot of stimuli: music, lots of vendors, and all these different things,” he said. “Here, you just hang out with your family and look at the sky. You can wear pants, you can wear shorts, you can wear a swimsuit, it doesn't matter, as long as you are comfortable.”