Four-footed friends get access to urgent care

Nov 8, 2023

The Wareham Animal Hospital, an urgent care facility for dogs, cats and other critters, celebrated its opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 8. 

It opened for business the Friday before that, said Alberto Fernandez, the hospital's owner and veterinarian. 

Fernandez has practiced as a vet in the Buzzards Bay area since 2007, he said. He moved to the area from Puerto Rico. 

"This area has a large population of pet animals, as well as exotics and farm animals, that are underserved," said Fernandez. "There's not that many veterinarians in Wareham."

Fernandez and his team provide urgent care for animals as well as ultrasounds, surgeries and other specialized services. While they can provide basic care and check ups in a pinch, their focus and training are more focused on emergencies and specialties.

"We took a tour, and they have state of the art equipment for all kinds of animals," said Marie Oliva, president and CEO of the Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce. "It's just a wonderful, wonderful facility."

The facility is located at 1 Tobey Road, Wareham.

The hospital will primarily treat dogs and cats, though it does see more exotic animals as well like lizards and other reptiles, said Fernandez.

The hospital will not treat wildlife, as other people, including the town's Animal Control Officer, are responsible for their care. It also doesn't have the capacity to treat large animals such as cows and horses. 

"It serves a need in the community," said Oliva. "I don't think there's any other facility that's close by like this."

While the hospital is still in its early days, first impressions from the community have been positive, said Fernandez. 

"Everybody I have talked to, they seem very happy to have an option nearby, because there's not that many options," Fernandez said. 

To schedule an appointment, visit, or call (508) 273-7149.