Gas leak smelled from Cranberry Highway to Onset Pier

Aug 7, 2020

National Grid crews are working to investigate a gas leak smelled from Cranberry Highway to Onset Pier. 

Onset Fire Captain Jeff Dias said that the district first received calls about the incident at 9:03 a.m. on Friday morning from multiple commercial tenants at 3065 Cranberry Highway, home of Bob’s Discount Home Store, to report the smell of natural gas. 

Shortly thereafter, a police officer working outside the East Wareham Wendy’s reported the same smell. 

Onset Fire crews quickly began to investigate, sending 30 personnel to spread out and visit every commercial property on Cranberry Highway from Home Depot to Main Avenue.

Making the investigation more difficult was the fact that the odor was very widespread but only intermittent. The smell was reported in Onset Center and even on Onset Pier, but the odor came and went several times.

The source of the leak is still unknown, as National Grid works to investigate. 

Dias said that the work on Cranberry Highway has been ruled out as a cause. All work was halted until crews determined that the highway workers did not hit a gas line.

Wareham Fire District assisted in the investigation, and the Bourne Fire Department provided station coverage.

Those who smell natural gas should call 911.

Dias noted that there is an additive in natural gas that the human nose can smell long before gas reaches a dangerous concentration in the air.

National Grid could not immediately be reached for comment.

As of Monday, August 10, Onset Fire District had not heard from National Grid, and no more instances of the leak had been reported.