Girls soccer team secures first win

Sep 30, 2019

Team chemistry is one of the most critical elements of any team sport. Thankfully, the members of the Wareham Girls Soccer team have just that.

On Monday Lady Vikings secured their first win of the season, defeating Bristol Aggie 6-0. 

Olivia Powers scored one goal, Ryann Tripp scored two goals in less than two minutes, and Senior Captain Abby Berriault scored three. 

Although the team had lost its previous nine games, the players’ team spirit stays strong. 

“When we are on the field, we have each other's backs,” said Annabelle Snow, a player on the team. “We are basically like a family.”

Even if the odds are against the team, the girls don’t give up, but instead support and encourage each other to keep trying.

“If someone messes up, we just say it’s fine, we will get it next time. Other teams often argue on the field, we don’t do that. We always give constructive criticism towards each other,” said team captain Mollie Johnson.

Despite their strong bond, the team still has room for improvements, and is working on effective communication, which often makes the difference between victory or defeat. 

“We don’t communicate while on the field. We just stare at each other, make eye contact and we know where the ball is going, but we need to do more than that,”  said Abigaile Berriault, a player on the team.

Last year, the team brought home five victories but sustained 13 loses. 

With seven returning players and new, enthusiastic recruits, Girls Soccer Coach Megan Kashner believes the team’s performance will improve this season. The team only lost two seniors: Ryann McSherry and Page Strawn. 

“We should do better this semester,” said Kashner. “We are a strong team overall.”

Kashner is hoping for her team to get more wins in the South Coast Conference. Last year, the team won one game in the Conference.

“To be competitive in every game that we play, we need to stay concentrated for the full 80 minutes and get some wins, which is completely doable for us,” said Kashner.