Grant funds could help town evaluate cost of riverfront boardwalk plans

May 27, 2021

Town Planner Ken Buckland hopes state grant money will fund a concept plan and feasibility study for a riverfront boardwalk in downtown Wareham. Officials have explored the idea of a riverfront boardwalk for years — one concept drawing for the boardwalk dates back to 2013. 

Buckland said grant funds could “give us a bit more information about cost and issues associated with its construction.”

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan said he thought it was a good idea, though he noted that the boardwalk was probably still years away from becoming a reality. 

“You’ve got to put your foot forward to get something,” he said. “The things we’re doing today are probably 10 years out from being done. But, you know, like I always say: If somebody had done it before us, we’d be that much closer.” 

Members of the Wareham Redevelopment Authority voted unanimously to authorize Buckland to apply for a grant for the project.