Home security cameras could help Wareham police solve crimes

Apr 23, 2019

The Wareham Police Department is asking for the public’s help as it develops a new tool to solve crimes and keep people safe.

Lieutenant Walter Correia is spearheading the development of a database listing the locations of home and business security cameras across town.

The idea behind the project, which was inspired by a similar effort in Falmouth, is that when a crime is committed, police can reach out to people with security cameras surrounding the area where the crime took place to see if their cameras caught footage of the crime or of the suspect approaching or leaving the scene.

“It’s going to help us to be able to have a place to start to look for additional information,” Correia said.

Correia emphasized that the program is completely voluntary and the department would not have direct access to the cameras, so all footage or still photos would be submitted by the camera’s owner.

Those interested in participating simply need to fill out a form on the department’s website, which will automatically enter the information into the database. None of the information provided by those participating will be stored online or shared with anyone outside of the department.

Because Correia built the program himself over a few days, it won’t cost the department anything.

Those who wish to register can do so on the Wareham Police Department’s website, www.warehampolice.com.