Justin E. Grankewicz, 32

Jul 18, 2023

Justin E. Grankewicz of Wareham passed away on Tuesday, March 14 at 32.

Justin was born on January 3, 1991 to Cheryl Grankewicz. He grew up in Marshfield and his youth was filled with adventure and excitement wherever he could find it. 

Justin was an athlete, a comedian, an artist, a musician, a thespian, and so much more. He was a lover of the arts, and he loved all the people he got to create musical or theatrical magic with. 

Justin had this special way of making anyone feel seen, heard, understood, and loved. He was a beacon of joy and happiness, and his light will continue to spread far and wide, carried in the hearts and deeds of those who loved him.

He is survived by his mothers Cheryl Grankewicz and Susan Babb, Fiancé Rachel Beauregard, his brother Jordan Ortiz, David Babb and his aunt and godmother Christine Grankewicz.