Kids collect hundreds of eggs in minutes

Apr 16, 2022

Roughly 300 kids collected nearly 1,000 eggs on a blustery Saturday morning on the bluffs of Onset in the triumphant return of the Onset Bay Association’s annual Easter Egg Hunt for the first time since the pandemic began.

The Easter Bunny and Onset’s beloved Purple Bear led a countdown to 11 o’clock before the kids ran at full speed to start gathering eggs stuffed with candy and other treats. Candy was provided by Nana’s Candy Shoppe, located just up the road from the hunt at Bay View Park. 

As in the past, there was a dedicated area for the youngest egg hunters. Older kids had a new challenge: Kids between ages 6 and 9 could collect only the pink, orange and yellow eggs. Those 10 to 12 could collect green, blue and purple eggs. 

Association President Kat Jones said the event had been awesome, and noted that the color element seemed to slow the kids down “a little.” In past years, the hunt has been complete within a minute. 

The hunt was the Association’s first outdoor event of the season. 

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