Middle School announces Monteiro award winners

Apr 3, 2024

Wareham Middle School has announced the winners of the Scotty Monteiro Jr. Award for February and March. 

Charlie Avila, a sixth grade student, won the Scotty Monteiro Jr. Award for February. The school said Avila is a “thoughtful and considerate student” who “is always the first to volunteer to read or answer questions in class and first to offer others help when needed.”

“She has a cheerful exuberance for learning that permeates the class. Charlie truly exhibits being a responsible, respectful and thoughtful role model. We are very proud to have such a wonderful student at our school,” said the school. 

Rajon Frye has won the Scotty Monteiro Jr. Award for March. The school said “Rajon is an outstanding student and role model” who is “kind and respectful to all adults and classmates.”

“He wants to always be doing his best and her perseverance is contagious,” said the school. “Rajon’s kindness permeates... everything that he does. We are veryproud to have a Viking Strong student that is responsible, respectful and thoughtful at Wareham Middle School.”

The “Scotty Award,” given by the foundation of the same name, is named after a 21-year-old Wareham man who was murdered in 2009.

The foundation’s stated aim is to “stop the violence” by recognizing outstanding youth.