Officials move forward with slum and blight studies

May 3, 2021

The Slum and Blight Studies of Wareham Village and Onset have been approved by the state, reported Town Planner Ken Buckland at the April 39 Wareham Redevelopment Meeting.

“Until you have a slum and blight study, you can’t start the redevelopment plan,” explained Town Administrator Derek Sullivan. “Without a redevelopment plan, you can’t start taking properties or any other actions.”

Sullivan said that with the process of funding, executing, and waiting for state approval of the plan, the study has been in the works for about four years.

The approval of the study also means that the town will be eligible for new grants.

As reported in 2018, the study found that 33 percent of the properties in Wareham Village — 150 properties in all — are blighted, according to state regulations. In Onset, that figure is 28 percent of properties.

Next, officials will work on contracting a firm to develop an urban renewal plan for Wareham Village.