Onset Blues Festival rocks the VFW

Aug 9, 2021

The Onset VFW’s pavilion and surrounding grounds were filled with crowds of people enjoying live music on Sunday at the annual Onset Blues Fest.

“The little festival that could and will:” That’s how Onset Bay Association President Kat Jones described the Onset Blues Festival on Sunday, speaking to a crowd that no one could call little.

This year, the festival was held under the pavilion at the Onset VFW, and featured a cash bar, food and ice cream, and numerous vendors — along with hours of live music. 

The festival wasn’t held last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s been a tradition for decades: This was the 28th iteration of the festival.

Many guests sported t-shirts and hats from past years in a testament to the festival’s ongoing appeal.

This year, four bands played:The Born Yesterday Blues Band, G & Friends, Bag Full of Blues, and the Gil David Correia Band. 

By the time the Gil David Correia Band took the stage, the dance floor was full of people of all ages dancing in pairs, with friends, or on their own — not so blue after all.