Onset Fire District voters elect five

May 17, 2022

The Onset Fire District had its annual election Tuesday, and 117 voters showed up at the VFW between 4 and 8 p.m. to take part. 

Election Warden Mary Ann Silva said that was an excellent turnout, especially compared to last year’s dismal total of 34 voters.

While none of the races printed on the ballot were contested, Melissa Goodell ran a write-in campaign for the Water Commission. She told the clerk about her intention to do so Monday night.

Ken Fontes was reelected for a three year term on the Water Commission with 104 votes, where he’ll be joined by Michael Sanborn. Sanborn was elected for a two year seat on the commission with 81 votes. Goodell, who ran against Sanborn, netted 24 votes.

Prudential Committee member Marcine Fernandes was reelected with 103 votes.

Moderator Robert Brousseau was also reelected, earning 97 votes.