Opinion: Appreciate those who clean our beaches

Sep 9, 2022

To the Editor:

For over two years, Jo-Ann Harper Finn of Harborview Lane in Wareham, has made it her almost daily mission to keep the roads from her home to Little Harbor Beach on Buzzards Bay, free from trash. Her constant companion and trusted pet dog, Cora Belle, leads the way in her “chariot” as they walk by friends, golfers, and residents of Wareham. Jo-Ann is passionate about keeping the area clean and we often help when visiting from Connecticut and Vermont. Jo-Ann has met many new friends during her endeavors and they appreciate her passion. An added bonus to her walk, is the retrieval of errant golf balls that she saves to return to the golf club and for golfer friends. Once home, Jo-Ann adds the trash and recyclables to her own personal amounts, which quickly fills the bags that she has to purchase and bring to the dump! This is a selfless gesture as she truly loves her town. All we ask is that you give a wave and appreciate Jo-Ann’s hard work!

Lovingly submitted by her sisters, Sandra Harper, Connecticut, and Betsy Harper, Vermont