Opinion: What’s the plan for Cranberry Highway?

May 4, 2023

May 4, 2023

To the Editor:

What is the Master Plan for Rt.6 in East Wareham?

East Wareham just got a multi-million-dollar road facelift on Cranberry Highway that is ripe for rezoning for mixed use retail/residential development. Wareham needs a massive influx of tax revenue to support its current infrastructure and overhaul its dated wastewater facility

Imagine a landscaped, walkable Cranberry Highway with mixed-use retail and limited commercial businesses (no more car washes, no more used car lots).

If the Community Preservation Act can buy a golf course, then CPA funds can buy property along the highway to lease to developers who would build housing with retail underneath. This would bring in tax revenues and add to Wareham’s affordable housing bank.

So again, what is the master plan for Rt. 6 in East Wareham?

Theresa O’Neill