Pedestrian injured on Onset Avenue

May 11, 2024

Early Saturday morning, a pedestrian was reportedly injured on Onset Avenue. Photos of the incident show a person on a stretcher being transferred to a medical evacuation flight.

According to Onset Fire Department Deputy Jeffrey Dias, the department responded to an accident with a pedestrian down.

The patient was brought to Tobey Hospital, and from there to a trauma center, Dias said.

Wareham Police Department Chief Walter Correia confirmed there was an accident involving a pedestrian, who may have been on a skateboard, and that the pedestrian was transported to Rhode Island.

“I was advised that [the] skateboarder may [have] grabbed onto the back end of a pickup truck without the driver knowing,” said Correia.

According to the Wareham Police Department, the pedestrian is a twenty-six year old Wareham resident, and was transported to Rhode Island Hospital.

The incident is still under investigation, the Department said.