Players leap, compete in Onset Beach ultimate Frisbee tournament

Tournament returns after pandemic hiatus
Aug 27, 2022

Feet pounded the sand as players sprinted toward one end of the beach and craned their necks toward the sky. With one big push, two players leap into the air: one trying to grab an incoming frisbee, and the other trying to deflect.

Dozens of players descended on Onset Beach from all over Massachusetts on Saturday to play in an ultimate Frisbee beach tournament this weekend, as five teams faced off on the sand.

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport somewhat akin to football or soccer, where two teams try to bring a frisbee to their end zone and keep the other team from doing the same. Players have a limited number of steps they can take while holding onto the disc, and the sport is non-contact.

The tournament, put together by Woods Hole Ultimate Frisbee, is usually an annual kind of event, player Brian Sauro said, but the pandemic put matches on pause.

Saturday’s tournament marked the first match on the beach since 2019. The five-team tournament was more for glory than for official rankings, Sauro said, though some teams do travel across New England to participate in other regional and national tournaments, too.

Woods Hole Ultimate Frisbee brings teams together to play across the South Coast and Upper Cape, he said. The national governing body for the sport, USA Ultimate, hosts championship tournaments in the fall.

But for Saturday, players were more focused on having fun and getting their Frisbee to the end zone. A chorus of “good game, good game,” rang out across the beach as teams ended their matches and congratulated every member of the opposing team.