Police ask business owners for after-hours contact info

Mar 15, 2022

The Wareham Police Department is asking business owners for emergency contact information so officers can get in touch during after-hours patrol, the department says.

In a March 10 Facebook post, the department urged managers and those with keys to local workplaces to send police their contact information.

“We are often unable to get in touch with a responsible party for a business after responding to a burglar alarm activation,” the post reads. “We occasionally find a door that has inadvertently been left unlocked and there have been times that we’re unable to secure the business from the outside due to the lock/door type.”

The department asks managers to fill out a business information form on www.warehampolice.com and submit the form to dispatch@warehampolice.com.

“Seasonal homeowners can also provide us with emergency contact information in the event that there is an urgent issue with your property that you would want to be notified about when you’re away from Wareham,” the post reads.