Police Association gives $1,000 to Kendrick House in ‘No-Shave’ fundraiser

Dec 16, 2022

The Wareham Police Association donated $1,000 to the Kendrick House for disabled veterans as part of its “No Shave” fundraiser. 

The “No Shave” fundraiser was started by Police Association Vice President Lorenzo Grosso last year, when the Association raised $6,700 for Kendrick House. Kendrick House currently houses 17 veterans, but can house 21 at maximum capacity. 

The “No Shave” fundraiser began in October. Participating officers donated $20 each month and grew beards to show their support. 

“Police officers are supposed to be clean shaven,” said Police Association President Calib LaRue.

The officers who presented the donation to Kendrick House were also veterans. 

“Everyone there has served,” LaRue said. “We were all able to swap stories.” 

Kendrick House is in need of donations for the upkeep of the building and a new furnace, which is expected to cost $20,000. 

“We are happy to contribute and to help keep [Kendrick House] afloat,” LaRue said.