Property owner found ‘in contempt’ by county housing court

Jun 16, 2021

Donald McMullin, the owner of two properties the town has been struggling with for some time, was found “in contempt” by a Plymouth County Housing Court judge for his inability comply with town requests for upkeep at his 16 Wareham Ave. property. 

The trial was conducted via Zoom, but Town Counsel Richard Bowen opted for a unique setting when joining the call. He set up his video equipment in the street in front of the property in question. 

“Several neighbors drove by, and I invited them to testify if they were so inclined,” Bowen said. “But they generally preferred to keep on driving.” 

Bowen said after reviewing the evidence and testimony provided, the justice found McMullin in contempt, issued fines and ordered McMullin to stay off the property. 

“We have a return date in mid-July to hopefully discuss the remediation of the property,” Bowen added.