School District to offer new classes, opportunities this school year

Aug 22, 2023

Students across the Wareham School District are gearing up for the 2023-2024 school year. 

New classes, technology and more will be available for students to explore as they return to school on Wednesday, Aug. 30. 

According to Wareham High School Principal Scott Palladino, a new integrated science and art class will also be available for students to choose as an elective this coming school year. 

Palladino said the class will be taught by both a science teacher and an art teacher to learn about fine art techniques and their relation to science. 

“The students are surveyed for classes that they want to see and I think that’s really cool because they get the chance to say in what courses we are going to offer,” said Palladino. 

“We’ve been trying to offer more cross-curricular opportunities between two content areas so this is a step for us,” he said. “We'll see how it goes and if it provides any future opportunities down the road for some collaboration between two different content areas.” 

High school students can also enroll in new media classes, including social media marketing and broadcasting. 

Media skills and technology will also be implemented in new ways in the elementary school this school year. 

According to elementary school principal Bethany Chandler, students will showcase their production skills by using the school’s television studio. 

“We are excited to expand our use of media and technology this fall and create dynamic projects to improve our communication skills,” said Chandler. 

According to Chandler, new literacy and math curriculum materials will be implemented this school year.

The middle school will  focus on “writing across content areas” this school year according to middle school principal Tracie Cote.

“Parents and students can expect an exciting and engaging school year focused on learning new concepts,” said Cote.

According to Cote, the middle school plans to continue the College and Career Month in March.

“We will be looking for community volunteers again this year to present a panel discussion on their careers with our students,” she said.

In terms of projects and repairs going on in the district, two boilers have been installed at the high school, according to Palladino. 

“I believe what we'll see as a result of boilers is a better environment in all the classrooms where the temperature is very consistent,” he said.

According to Superintendent Matthew D’Andrea, repairs on the middle school roof will be “finishing up” this year. 

“We have other building needs that we will continue to work with the town to get completed,” said D’Andrea. 

D’Andrea said that staff will work diligently to “ensure that students have a positive and enriching school year.”

“We appreciate and ask for continued community and family support,” said D’Andrea.