Selectmen boost parking fines

Jul 29, 2020

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously at its Tuesday night meeting to increase the fines for all parking infractions. 

Most of the fines were increased from $30 to $50, but some were raised even higher. 

The decision was prompted by the fact that the town’s current fine for illegally parking at one of the beach lots, $30, is low enough that it was cheaper to park illegally in Wareham than to pay for a day pass at many beaches in the region. The low fine wasn’t a significant deterrent. 

“I think that with the $50, we’re going to get the attention we need,” said Harbormaster Garry Buckminster. Buckminster said that his staff have been diligently writing parking tickets at beaches and throughout Onset and the rest of town, recently writing 550 citations in five days. 

The selectmen also increased the fines for particularly grievous safety violations even higher. Obstructing a sidewalk, blocking a driveway, or leaving less than a 10 foot roadway will now ring in at $100. 

Blocking a fire exit lane will now cost $150.

And parking illegally in a handicap spot will cost drivers the maximum fee: $300. 

The fees won’t increase immediately, as the town needs to get new ticket books printed, which will likely take several weeks.