Selectmen monitoring Cranberry Highway

Aug 19, 2020

Last week, the Board of Selectmen voted to send a letter to MassDOT and the Onset Fire District to say that the conditions on Cranberry Highway were unacceptable. MassDot and the Onset District have hired P.A. Landers to do extensive work on the roadway, adding medians, improving the road, and redoing the water lines that run down the midsdle of the highway.
Since the work began, many have complained of the bumpy temporary patches, extensive traffic jams, and errors leading to localized flooding, among other problems. One business owner’s car was damaged by a piece of piping that rolled into it.
Local businesses are also seeing fewer customers along the highway.
The Selectmen are asking members of the public to report any damage sustained to vehicles or other issues so reports can be compiled.
The company doing the work could be held liable for damages.