Stay out of the Canal

Sep 3, 2019

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources urged residents to abstain from entering or transiting the Cape Cod Canal on a kayak, jet skis, SUPs and other vessels. 

This activity is extremely dangerous due to the massive water flow. Rolling waves can separate a person from their watercraft, creating life-threatening risks not only for the civilian but also for the rescue personnel. 

The Department officials reminded of Cape Cod Canal regulations, which state that “personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes, windsurfers or other non-motorized craft are not permitted to operate within, or pass through the Federally maintained limits of the Canal.” 

The regulations also note that “swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving within the limits of the Cape Cod Canal is prohibited,” as is fishing, trolling, and lobstering within the land cut. 

Boating at excessive speeds, loitering, or idling at very low speeds are all prohibited because boaters engaged in those activities can obstruct navigation for other vessels.

Fines range between $25 - $5,000 for violating these regulations. 

For more information about regulations, google “Cape Cod Canal Recreational Boating Safety Guide” to find a pamphlet published by the Army Corp. of Engineers.

Additionally, the Department of Natural Resources asked all those who own paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, or other small unregistered vessels to attach some form of identification and contact information to the vessels. If and when these vessels drift out into the water, it triggers a costly search by the department to ensure that no one is in danger. 

Free stickers for identification purposes are available at the Department of Natural Resources office at the Multi Service Center at 48 Marion Rd.