Stellar students honored by Wareham Middle School

Nov 2, 2022

Wareham Middle School has named sixth grader Lily Woodside and seventh grader Aliana Kennedy its Students of the Month for October 2022. 

Woodside’s and Kennedy’s teachers spoke at length about their exemplary academic and personal qualities. The names of the teachers were not given.

“Lily is a lovely young lady who engages in lessons and with classmates consistently,” one teacher said. “Her passion for learning is delightful and infectious. It is a pleasure to teach such an eager learner.”

“Lily Woodside has been a stand out student sine the first day of school!” Another teacher said. “She is always so eager to learn and help her peers, inspiring everyone around her. She is consistently kind and polite and comes to school every day with a positive attitude.”

The teachers of each grade level select the most “responsible, respectful and thoughtful” of their students to be Student of the Month, explained Wareham Middle School Principal’s Secretary Elaine Johnson.

One of Kennedy’s teachers called her “an amazing young lady.”

“She comes to school every day ready to learn,” the teacher said. “She is focused, motivated and always tries her best. I truly have such a great respect and appreciation for Aliana.”

“Aliana is an incredible student and such a pleasure to have in class each day,” another one of her teachers said. “She will frequently volunteer to answer questions and will also ask for help when needed. She has a great work ethic and is well-deserving of this award.”