StoryWalk at Agawam River Trail: ‘Wangari’s Trees of Peace’

Jun 5, 2021

Event has passed

Go for an adventure on the Agawam River Trail while reading a story at the Wareham Land Trust’s latest StoryWalk event. 

During the month of June, those who stop by the Agawam River Trail (20 Knowles Ave.), will be able to follow along with the children’s book “Wangari’s Trees of Peace.”

“This book is based on the true story of Wangari Maathai, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who started the Green Belt Movement — an environmental movement focused on empowering women that led to the planting of 39 million trees
across Kenya,” according to the Wareham Land Trust’s flyer.

A StoryWalk is a guided walk with laminated pages from children’s books for families to read together along the way.

The June StoryWalk was funded by the Wareham Cultural Council.

Event has passed

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