Student enrollment drops slightly at Wareham Schools

Nov 22, 2019

This year, the student population at Wareham Public Schools has decreased slightly from last year’s population, in line with continuous declines over the past twenty years, although this year’s drop was comparatively small.

Although Superintendent Shaver-Hood did not discuss the implications of the dropping enrollment at Thursday’s School Committee meeting, or why the drop seems like it may be leveling off, in the past, the drop has been attributed to changing demographics and an increase in students choosing to attend other public or private schools.

In the district as a whole, excluding Cooperative School students, there are 2,054 students. Last year, there were 2,068. In 2005, the district had 3,400 students, and that number has been declining ever since.

This year, the population has increased at every school except for Minot Forest.

The High School has 613 students, in comparison to 590 last year. 

The Middle School has 523 students, up from 517.

Minot Forest has 323 students, down from 358.

John William Decas has 630, up from 603.