Students hold parade to celebrate 100th school day

Feb 7, 2023

“We survived 100 days!” Yelled first grade students as they marched down the halls of Wareham Elementary school on Monday, Feb. 6.

The students held a parade to celebrate the 100th day of the school year. 

Each student showed off a homemade vest, decorated with 100 trinkets organized in groups of 10.

From dried pasta to pompoms and everything in between, students got creative with their masterpieces.

First grader Ethan Grash used his vest to tell a story. Among the superhero stickers was a sticker of California, where Grash was born.

The back of Grash’s vest was covered in pipe cleaners arranged in a rainbow.

“I really like rainbows so I put a big one on the back,” he said.

According to first grade teacher Kathy Harunk, the activity is not only a fun way to celebrate and decorate, but an opportunity to teach the students how to count in groups of 10. 

Kindergarteners lined the hallways to watch the parade, giving out high-fives and cheers of encouragement. 

“It’s great for the kindergarteners to see that they will be doing it next year as well,” Harunk said.