Summer programs, new internship program kick off

Jun 21, 2022

Summer programming will soon be in full swing in Wareham Public Schools, with hundreds of students enrolled in various programs this year.

“We have a busy summer,” Director of Beyond School Time Jane Fondulis said during Thursday night’s School Committee meeting.

Fondulis gave committee members an overview of the many programs offered by the school system and a new internship program afforded by a recent $35,000 grant.

The new elementary school building is hosting three programs this summer: CARE, BOOST and Bootcamp.

Fondulis said 145 students from kindergarten to seventh grade are enrolled in the six-week CARE program, which stands for Community, Academic, Recreation and Enrichment. About 40 students are enrolled in BOOST, a five-week program.

And 14 students are enrolled in the six-week Bootcamp program for incoming kindergarteners, she said.

The Wareham middle school is hosting the six-week Accelerated Academy program, which provides academic support for middle schoolers focusing on language arts and math.

Wareham is now also offering its first summer PASS program, Fondulis said, after the school received a grant for the program. About 15 students are enrolled in the five-week program.

At the high school, about 40 students are enrolled in the Accelerated Academy. The high school is also hosting the SAIL program, which also offers credit recovery.

Students are enrolled in more than just academic work this summer though — some are participating in new internships at the elementary school.

“We also are excited because we were awarded a $35,000 grant that we have started a high-school internship program this summer for six weeks,” Fondulis said.

She said nine high-schoolers are participating in the internship program, which will give the students an opportunity to work at the elementary school this summer. The internship is paid, with students receiving $15/hour, she said, and students will work about 144 hours over the course of the summer.