Tobey Hospital: A change that "took a wrong turn"

Nov 8, 2019

To the Editor:

I have been reading quite a bit about the Tobey Hospital Maternity Ward closure in the paper. I just want to share my memory of giving birth to my terrific daughter Marian. 

The year was 1941 and I was in labor. My husband was understandably nervous as we already lost our first born years earlier so he was fussing over me. “Should we go now? Should I call the doctor?” When the time came, we zoomed in our trusty vehicle to Tobey Hospital and you cannot imagine (unless you’re a mom) the immense relief I felt when I saw the Tobey Hospital sign. 

Back then as they do now, the staff was quick, efficient, caring and comforting. You see, in 1941 Tobey Hospital was just newly built and full of excitement for its future. I remember the Maternity Ward serving meals with beautiful real china dishes and silverware. They kept telling me how sweet and beautiful my little girl was. A cherub they wanted to hold and not put down. 

Now I want all of you to fast forward to 2019 and realize that even though I am 104 years old and the Selectmen say I am the Oldest Living Resident, I still feel the compassion deeply in my heart for the woman I was then in 1941. I extend that compassion coupled with spiritual and emotional strength to the next mother-to-be having the horrible future experience of driving miles and miles more to deliver to the world their precious diamond of life. 

Thru the years I have seen many changes but this is one that took a wrong turn. 

Mary V. Rose

Onset, Ma.