Town’s newest police officer wants to get to know community

Apr 10, 2023

Twenty-four-year-old Lindsey Vermette, Wareham’s latest police officer, has lived in town for three years. However, she is discovering some parts of Wareham for the very first time now that she’s on the force.

“[I discovered] how big and how busy it really is,” Vermette said. “I live in West Wareham so it’s super quiet, but just in the three weeks I’ve been here, I realized how busy it can get.”

Vermette, a New Bedford native, went to Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School with the desire to become a teacher. After getting her certification, she worked at a daycare center, but soon decided she should go back to school at Bristol Community College to teach at a higher grade level.

A criminology elective changed her perspective, pushing her to finish her associate degree and work as a dispatcher in New Bedford, then as a security guard at the former Lockheed Martin facility in Marion. She then took her civil service exam and started at Boylston Police Academy, eventually graduating in their 31st class in March 2023.

Vermette said she wanted to work in Wareham because it’s where she lives and where she might consider starting a family. 

She said her past teaching and dispatching experience taught her some necessary skills for interacting with community members. 

“I know some people see police and they get kind of nervous,” Vermette said. “But let’s make sure everyone is comfortable enough to talk to us.”

The new officer said she’s looking forward to helping local residents and even changing their perspectives on police. 

“Nowadays the outlook on cops isn’t the most positive, so I kind of want to make that difference,” Vermette said. “There are good cops and they do want to help you.”

Vermette is still getting to know each region of Wareham, and does not yet know in which sector she’ll end up working.