Trade winds secures marijuana courier host community agreement

Jun 15, 2021

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to approve the marijuana courier host community agreement negotiated with Trade Winds, a company that plans to make deliveries directly to consumers on behalf of retailers and collect a fee for every transaction including delivery.

Attorney Ilya Ross said Trade Winds would exclusively deliver products sold by Trade Roots — a cannabis cultivator, product manufacturer and soon-to-be retail business. Trade Roots,  located at 6 Thatcher Lane, and Trade Winds will be owned by the same people. 

Because Trade Roots is already established and cultivating cannabis projects, Ross pointed out that Wareham already has an existing host community agreement with Trade Roots. That agreement includes a three percent community impact fee, Ross said.

“An increase in sales through Trade Winds delivery license would result in what we hope would be additional revenue to Trade Roots as well as additional revenue for the Town of Wareham,” Ross said. 

When negotiating with the town, Ross said Trade Winds agreed to pay an additional three percent fee — on top of the Trade Roots fees. 

“The goal here is not necessarily to maximize revenue for Trade Winds,” Ross said. “It’s to assist in sales for Trade Roots. It’s to improve what we would say are good interactions with the town, to increase revenue to the town.” 

That additional fee is not required, and Selectman Alan Slavin thanked the company leadership for going above and beyond what was required. 

“I really appreciate you going out and taking money out of your pocket that you don’t have to do,” he said. 

The board unanimously voted to approve the marijuana courier host community agreement.